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SelectYes19710515011971515Ludwig Georg’s GymnasiumDarmstadtGermany85:00audience3Yes
SelectYes197111130119711113Bessunger TurnahalleDarmstadtGermany45:00audience2Yes
SelectYes197111130219711113Bessunger TurnahalleDarmstadtGermany153:00audience2Yes

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  1. Terrible sound and only for the person who has to have everything by the band.
  2. The sound is questionable however, it is listenable.
  3. Sound quality is decent and the sound is usually clear.
  4. Very good sound and a pleasure to listen to.
  5. Excellent sound

Listing Number (1971031001) Venue–Georg-Büchner-School (1971/3/10)

TrackSong NameNotes
01Journey To The Centre Of The EyeNow called Space Opera and just about complete.
02Good DayBasically follows the studio version.
03Da - Da - DumStarts out with Roye using a lot of feedback and a hot solo.
04OdysseeOut of ashes Prophecy comes two more songs that get Nektarized. Brief Roye solo into Odyssee. Odyssee is different than the album version at this point in time yet sticks to the script.
05Rons OnRon’s On is extra long.Ron’s On is extra long.
This song originated with &quo;Prophecy."
06Acorn Valley / WavesFascinating To See How This Would Next Go To Porcelain Valley (See Darmstadt 11/13/71). Very Few Lyrics To Start With But The Idea Is Born. Brilliant Even At This Stage
07I Want To Be Free** We named the song * Unreleased

Special Notes

Most of the songs are pre-album and unfinished.

In mono with both channels exactly the same on the remastered version and very bright

This page will always be a "Work in Progress"


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