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SelectNo19750323011975323St. Paul Civic CenterSt. PaulU.S.A.90:00SB5No
SelectNo19750326011975326Colosseum Music HallHoustonU.S.A.135:00SB5No
SelectNo19750326021975326Colosseum Music HallHoustonU.S.A.45:00SB5No
SelectNo19750329011975329Arlington Music HallDallasU.S.A.45:00SB5No
SelectNo1975040201197542Henry W. Kiel auditoriumSt. LouisU.S.A.45:00SB4No
SelectNo1975040501197545Radio StationNew OrleansU.S.A.71:00Fm Broadcast3No
SelectNo1975040901197549Convention CenterKnoxvilleU.S.A.23:00SB4No
SelectYes19750426011975426Palace TheatreDetroitU.S.A.135:00SB5No
SelectNo1975050201197552The Tower TheaterPhiladelphiaU.S.A.90:00SB5No
SelectNo19750520011975520The College of New JerseyEwingU.S.A.110:00audience5Yes

The quality ratings are subjective and may not necessarily reflect your ratings. Timings are approximate.

  1. Terrible sound and only for the person who has to have everything by the band.
  2. The sound is questionable however, it is listenable.
  3. Sound quality is decent and the sound is usually clear.
  4. Very good sound and a pleasure to listen to.
  5. Excellent sound

Listing Number (1975032301) Venue–St. Paul Civic Center (1975/3/23)

TrackSong NameNotes
01Astral ManFirst known recording of Recycle with raw (pre-album) lyrics.
02RecycledFirst known recording of Recycled
03A Day In The Life Of A Preacher
04Show me the Way
05Marvellous Moses
06It’s All Over
07Good Day
08RTF (Part 1)

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