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SelectNo19790518011979518My Father’s PlaceRoslynU.S.A.90:00audience4Yes
SelectNo19790610011979610The Fast LaneAsbury ParkU.S.A.90:00audience1Yes

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  1. Terrible sound and only for the person who has to have everything by the band.
  2. The sound is questionable however, it is listenable.
  3. Sound quality is decent and the sound is usually clear.
  4. Very good sound and a pleasure to listen to.
  5. Excellent sound

Listing Number (1979051801) Venue–My Father’s Place (1979/5/18)

TrackSong NameNotes
01Instrumental IntroEarly Show
This song became part of "Camouflage to White " found on the Evolution L.P.
02Don’t Hang UpEarly Show
Never Released on an Lp.
03RTF (Part 1)Early Show
Short RTF (part 1) to date. The actual song " Remember The Future" is left off the suite.
04Too Young To DieEarly Show
Also called Impossible Years.
05RecycledEarly Show
06I Need It You’ve Got ItEarly Show
07Where We All BelongEarly Show
08Don’t Hang UpLate Show
Never Released on an Lp.
09RTF (Part 1)Late Show
Short RTF (part 1). The actual song " Remember The Future" is left off the suite
10AngelLate Show

Special Notes

Two shows were layed that night with basically the same set list but in a different order.
Roye Albrighton’s Nektar consisted of: Roye Albrighton, Carmine Rojas, David Prater, and Taff Freeman.
Taff toured only in the U.S.A.

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