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The quality ratings are subjective and may not necessarily reflect your ratings. Timings are approximate.

  1. Terrible sound and only for the person who has to have everything by the band.
  2. The sound is questionable however, it is listenable.
  3. Sound quality is decent and the sound is usually clear.
  4. Very good sound and a pleasure to listen to.
  5. Excellent sound

Listing Number (1980101701) Venue–Rotation (1980/10/17)

TrackSong NameNotes
01Instrumental Intro.
This song became part of "Camouflage to White " found on the Evolution L.P.
02Fidgety Queen
10Impossible Years
11Man In The Moon

Special Notes

Roye Albrighton, David Prater, Carmine Rojas, Tommi Schmidt
Although it is widely believed that Tommi only played with the band in Germany, a few recordings and a video have Tommi performing in the U.S.A..

This page will always be a "Work in Progress"


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