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Subject: HEY MO
Posted: Feb/13/2014 at 12:09

Louie, although Nektar first disbanded when we all parted in January 1978, there were FOUR small club dates listed in July 1978 , the first two were with Ryche Chlandra to replace Roye, the second gig included Dave Nelson too, but Roye just happened to be in NYC at that same time.... those gigs are as follows:-
July 1st, Players Tavern, Westport CT. (w/ Ryche, Mo, Ron & Taff) + Roye later. Bootlegged.
July ?, Great Gildersleeves, NYC. (w/ Ryche, Dave, Mo, Ron, Taff) & Roye turned up there too.
July 15th, Giulios South, Asbury Park NJ. (w/ Roye, Mo, Ron & Taff), as the original quartet.
July 16th, My Fathers Place, Roslyn, NY. (Roye, Mo, Taff & Ron only) Bootlegged.
One final "original Nektar quartet" gig came later in 1978, on Nov 22nd, at Stars in Philadelphia.
While we we doing the MiaC tours in 1977, Roye had joined others in England to form "Snowball", and they recorded "Defroster", but as Roye had more songs for another album, he came back over to NYC in 78 to try and enlist another original member to be able to use the Nektar name. 
 Roye succesfully enlisted Taff to play along with Carmine Rojas & Dave Prater to replace Mo & Ron... so in MAY of 1979 Roye, Taff, Carmine & Dave played 4 gigs prior to recording Royes' "Man in the Moon" together, they were also advertised as "Roye Albrightons' Nectar" (yes, with a "c"!)... 
East Orange NJ on the 13th,
My Fathers' Place in Roslyn on the 18th,
The Bayou in DC on the 24th and
Alexanders in Browns Mills NJ on the 25th of May,
3 of those 1979 gigs are bootlegged.  After MitM was recorded, Roye returned to England.
Roye did take Taff, Dave and Carmine on two German tours in October 1980 & April 1981 to push MitM before finally ending that period of "Royes' Nektar".
Incidentally, here is a 1975 interview with Mo, courtesy of Steve Laifer in NYC...
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 12:09:15 +0000
The Band : World Of Rock Author: richiet
Subject: World Of Rock
Posted: Aug/08/2013 at 20:56

You are absolutely correct Mick, Wayne was THE man, great guy, I still can't believe he has passed. This has been a tough year for losing close and dear friends. First Sandy, now Wayne, Vinnie. Sorry for not jumping in more on the forum, I must pay more attention, as Mo says time is tight and my interest in the internet is beginning to sour, toooo much bullsh*t. Thanks  for the updates and do the best you can brother.    Rich]]>
Thu, 08 Aug 2013 20:56:06 +0000
The Band : World Of Rock Author: MickBee
Subject: World Of Rock
Posted: Aug/08/2013 at 00:29

Nobody can run this site the way that Wayne did! He began SO many great threads here which have lain dormant since his untimely departure from our world, and his voracious appetite for everything Nektar can never be duplicated or continued in his same unique fashion. 
This thread was one of many which was abruptly cut short before fruition, so please understand that myself and Mo will attempt to bring it back up to speed in due course, but unfortunately, many of the keys to access his sources or any deeper modelling of this site were lost along with Wayne. 
   There are only a few participating members here right now, yet every day I see many browsing guests, who are always welcome to join the forum and add their comments. This may actually result in a healthier forum, with views (from both sides of the band) for everyone to enjoy, plus an incentive to add to existing threads the way Wayne would have wanted them to evolve.
Thu, 08 Aug 2013 00:29:16 +0000
The Band : The Soul Of Nektar Author: jerry1970
Subject: The Soul Of Nektar
Posted: Sep/28/2012 at 16:38

Ha, we all have our preferences - although I use some C# I have used MS programming languages for many years and grown to hate them. I prefer PHP and python now. In my opinion, MS dev tools were meant for desktop tools and not for websites. PHP is not meant for desktop tools, but mainly to run on web servers.

Anyway, that is the technical bit. I completely understand with the site running on a .net version you don't want to rewrite it in php. So you wrote the cms yourself?

Would I like to take over? Let me explain what happened only recently. Until a few months ago, I had been running / maintaining the website for a favourite band of mine (British prog band Twelfth Night). The website being one of the main reasons the band reunited in 2007 was a personal victory, but after that other things demanded more time and I lost interest. Not in the band, but maintaining the site. So the band are now slowly taking over.

I guess you'll understand that I think I should not take over a different site to maintain. But I do understand what you're feeling. My calendar is still being completely filled with lots of things so I couldn't give it the attention it deserves. I do hope someone else has enough time to do it, though!


Fri, 28 Sep 2012 16:38:21 +0000
The Band : The Soul Of Nektar Author: Wayne
Subject: The Soul Of Nektar
Posted: Sep/28/2012 at 13:13

Jerry thanks for the offer but there isn't anyway I am doing a complete rewrite to php(pure hell programing) code. The project is a custom written cms site I made, the forum is out of a box. I wrote it in .net2.0 code and need to update to 3.5. 4.0 would be nice but is too cost prohibitive. So instead of frying my brain as to why or which of the 25 xml files is not letting me add a new section I'll just upgrade.

The other problem is I have just about lost all interest in running and maintaining the site anymore. 1996 to now is a very long time no? There is not a whole lot of anything to add without really stepping on peoples toes and feelings and why would I even want to go there.

Would you like to take over?
Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:13:45 +0000
The Band : The Soul Of Nektar Author: jerry1970
Subject: The Soul Of Nektar
Posted: Sep/27/2012 at 00:41

Wayne, I used to build sites in php only, starting from scratch, but found it a lot quicker to use a CMS. (Have been building websites since 1995.) I never found the first versions of CMS systems very useful and only extremely limiting, but nowadays, joomla and wordpress and drupal are actually pretty good. It depends on how many things you need that are not in the basic version or any of the thousands of plugins. Quicker to install, much easier to maintain.

Just a thought... Email me if you need more info.

Thu, 27 Sep 2012 00:41:43 +0000
The Band : The Soul Of Nektar Author: Wayne
Subject: The Soul Of Nektar
Posted: Sep/26/2012 at 22:08

I am sorry for taking forever in getting this page up to read, it has not been easy. It has been a very long time since I added a new section to the main site I have forgotten how it was done. So for now here is a preview of the new section that will be called press interviews or something like that. I will add some new ones as well as put most of the old ones back up.

Any comments about this interview which was conducted with Mo are greatly appreciated and always welcome. The interviews main point is the "Meaning of the Lyrics. It is quite refreshing since I have never ever read anything in detail about what they meant. For example: "What is the price of Freedom?"

Now for the bad news. I am going to have to recode the whole site once again and this will take quite awhile to do. Once I have the whole site recoded I will upload it and no one will ever know it happened. Besides I need the practice.....arg!!!!

Wed, 26 Sep 2012 22:08:47 +0000
The Band : More sad news Author: MickBee
Subject: More sad news
Posted: Sep/09/2012 at 13:06

Last night, Vinnys' life was celebrated with a gathering of well over 40 friends at his home in NJ.
His wife Bine, with daughter Fay,  put together videos and a slide show which preceeded the launching of about 20 hot-air lanterns into the night sky, creating a trail of lights visible for miles around. We bade our mutual respects to Werner Schmid by toasting his memory with Jagermeisters (what else?)....  plus graceful harmonious toasts throughout the evening. 
 Mo, Larry Fast, Myself, Paul and Pete represented the remaining classic Nektar family, along with many other musicians, our significant others and kids in attendance.
It was a sad yet heartwarmingly fitting closure for family & friends....  peace my friend...
Gib Schnur Vinnie. 
Sun, 09 Sep 2012 13:06:01 +0000
The Band : More sad news Author: Lance
Subject: More sad news
Posted: Aug/13/2012 at 07:24

Very sad to hear about Vinnie my thoughts go out to his family.
Mon, 13 Aug 2012 07:24:54 +0000
The Band : More sad news Author: Wayne
Subject: More sad news
Posted: Aug/04/2012 at 23:40

RIP and what I said on PE]]>
Sat, 04 Aug 2012 23:40:17 +0000