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The Nektar Project

The list of songs Nektar has performed on stage

* Please note some un–named pieces in this list have received a temporary title based upon lyrics.

Song NameYear PlayedSpecial Notes
New Day Dawning1966written by Roye Albrighton (for the Rainbows)
I Want To Be Free*1969Never released
Falling1969became a part of Tab in 1971
Sealed with a Kiss1969Bryan Hyland cover
Rondo1969The Nice cover
Jeff's Boogie1969Jeff Beck cover
I'm Comin'Home Babe1969Alvin Lee cover
Cruel Blindness1969 
Stormy Monday Blues1969cover
Hey Joe1969Hendrix cover
Better by you, better by me1969Spooky Tooth cover
Bluebird1969went into RTF
Good Times, Bad Times1969Zeppelin cover
A Drop In The Ocean1970Evolved Into: A Tab In The Ocean
The Tragedy (The Storm)1970went into Tab
Astronauts Nightmare1970became the opener to Journey
It's all in the Mind1970was the third piece of Journey written
The Dream Nebula1970was the second piece of Journey to be written
Where did you go?1970 

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