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The Nektar Project

Nektar @ Nearfest
June 29, 2002: Trenton, New Jersey
Patriots Theater at the War Memorial

Roye Albrighton Mo Moore Taff Freeman Ron Howden Mick Brockett
Bass Guitar
Hammond B3
Liquid Lights, Slides, Lazers, & Video Background Projection 
With Special Guests
Larry Fast Scott Krentz Michelle Eckert Maureen McIntyre
Moog Synthesizers
Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals Backing Vocals
nearfest poster

When The news broke out that the original line-up of Nektar would be performing at the Patriots Theatre in Trenton, New Jersey for Nearfest 2002, tickets for the event sold out in just 45 minutes. This concert is a recording of the first time the whole original band played together in 26 years where they blew the roof off the place with standing ovations throught the show.

Adding to this unique event and made Especially for this show, visual effects designer Mick Brockett recreated the 1970's original liquid light show which made Nektar famous. Concert footage, rare archive material, backstage film, interviews and documentary film are combined to produce a magnificent portrait of an emotional return by one of the true legends of rock.

What can we say about this performance? Go buy the DVD and the Greatest Hits Live! Give them a listen and a look/see and see what all the hype was about.

Mick recreated the original Nektar light show (1 center screen for the whole stage) for this special event. The projectors were taken down from the attic after 24 years, two of them re-wired, lenses and reflectors were cleaned and lightbulbs were found. Undried purple, green and red inks were found, drive wheels for the kaleidoscopic and slide wheel projectors were fixed and an entire slide collection was sorted.

A chance was taken, one surviving 16mmm movie projector was fired up and fingers were crossed. The acetate film the film was threaded and was run backwards–the edited movie footage was very brittle and had not been rewound since the last show Mick used them–only once while Mick recorded it onto videotape before that 16mm projector also died. Only a small portion of the original footage was eventually used. At the 11th hour Mick decided to create a NEW backdrop, using pertinent scenes from 62 different copywritten blockbuster videos and specials from his library of movies. Ideas were floated for the set and a 2 Cd set named (Aggro)was burned and passed around for all the band to practice to. A show was born!

In the end four carousel projectors, one video projector with a mixing unit for three inputs (TWO VCR's + my own camera close-ups on Roye or soloists), four liquid projectors, four effect projectors, strobes, laser, and one wide screen was used. Jim MacDonald (R.I.P.) assisted Mick on that brief reunion tour and supplied the video projector and assisted with many complex visuals... Pete Lango worked the stage lighting.

Due to the fact that the band was being recorded on film. The Trenton audience saw a distilled show because the bright lights washed away much of the lightshow's depth and color. Since the dvd doesn't show some those clips what we can do is show you some pictures that you will not see like the ones below.

Even after 35 years, THERE IS STILL NO CAMERA THAT ADAPTS TO LIGHT AS PERFECTLY AS THE HUMAN EYE!!! (An unfortunate scientific fact that Mick had always battled with when it came to recording Nektar shows, thus, no video exists that ever duplicated that which was experienced by an actual Nektar audience).

Roye is thinking, "After all these years this going to work right?"
nektar lightshow equipment for Nearfest
Mick's thinking, "If we scratch and rub the lamps hard enough, the Genie will appear".
But what Mick really is thinking is, "Do You Believe In Magic?  Then watch me pull a rabbit out of my ___"   lol

Some of the photos below were donated by our good friend Kenny Solomon from Swiss Navy Productions. Kenny is managing several great bands now and if you get a chance why don't you check out his page!

Click on a picture to pop open a larger one!

"Maureen's thinking,
"WTF Roye"
The return of the dinosaurs taken from "Remember The Future" part 1 Where the buffalo roam taken from "Remember The Future" part 1
Nektar-Maureen's thinking what did he sing? Nektar-The return of the dinosaurs! Nektar-Where the buffalo roam
Scene from
"A Tab In The Ocean"
Scene from
"A Tab In The Ocean"
Roye and Mo with lightshow in background
Nektar-scene from a tab in the ocean Nektar-scene from a tab in the ocean nektar light show
Mo Moore Roye Albrighton Taff Freeman
Nektar-Mo Moore Nektar-Roye Albrighton Nektar-Taff Freeman
Ron Howden Larry Fast Scott Krentz gave it his all!
Nektar-Ron Howden Nektar-Larry Fast Nektar-Scott Krentz

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